• Suzzanne Fairbank

depression's veil

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

To those I love that struggle with the crippling disease that wraps life in darkness, blinding and pushing away all the signs of love, hope, and the light that surrounds them each day.

Entangled in a veil of despair, anger, shame, and suffocating layers of ominous clouds that rarely lift. I cry into the night.

My deafening scream echos in whiteness of not and still of empty washing over me, absent of beginning or end.

I am alone, again.

I swallow back the tears and life hushed in the echo of far too many days  and nights.

Emptiness hangs in the air to remind me of all I am not.

I long for a message a moment of light, a reminder or knowing that I am not alone, I am loved, I am forgiven. I am so much more than the lies I believe.


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