• Suzzanne Fairbank

the row

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

It is not the pulse of oars shattering surface, dragging deep into water causing all that is still to stir.

It is not the slide that brings you

forward and back,

like the steps in life that often

advance and retreat,

and, at times,

slip out from under you.

It is meeting the impact,

embracing the challenge,

allowing conflict of glassy surface lying

still in complacency of night

to burst open

the promise of a sunrise.

It is finding the rhythm,

the balance,

the passion,

the simple bravery

to escape the grip of

tussled sheets

that comfort and envelop

you to linger in their caress.

It is the daring to rise again and again grasping the oars boldly, confidently, fully.

It is embracing the journey

of renewal and discovery

every day,

every moment,

every breath.

It is the row.

#rowing #challenge #resilience #embracinglife

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