• Suzzanne Fairbank

mottled truth

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Sometimes life gets messy.

Sometimes we or others make choices

that result in a confusing muddle of

emotional color,

colors that bleed into each other causing a stifling inability to see clearly,

a messiness that leads us to conceal the outcome for fear that others will judge the way we handled the paint.

And at other times

we get it right,

the medium flows


our life art is beautiful and vibrant,

a masterpiece that we gladly share with the world.

But, have you noticed

when you look back

a month,

a year,

or a decade later

your masterpieces seem less significant?

It is then, and only then

when all of life's canvases

are fully exposed,

the imperfect works

created from tattered brushes scrubbing at

struggle, pain, confusion, and growth

reveal to be life's most magnificent

and masterful

works of all.

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